Frac sand transport

Frac sand, also known as proppant, is a type of high-purity quartz sand that is used in hydraulic fracturing to prop open underground fissures and allow for the extraction of oil and gas.

Hawkoil Hauling Inc provides reliable and efficient transportation services for frac sand, ensuring that it is delivered to the desired location in a timely and safe manner. We have a fleet of trucks and trailers specifically designed for hauling frac sand, which is typically transported in pneumatic trailers that use compressed air to discharge the sand.

Hawkoil Hauling Inc’s frac sand transport services include loading the sand at the source, transporting it to the destination, and unloading it at the desired location. The company’s experienced drivers are trained to handle the challenges of transporting frac sand, including navigating through rough terrain and managing the weight of the load.

Hawkoil Hauling Inc understands the importance of timely delivery in the oil and gas industry, which is why they strive to provide fast and efficient frac sand transport services. The company’s transportation solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that their frac sand is delivered on time and in the right quantity.

Hawkoil Hauling Inc offers reliable and efficient frac sand transport services that are essential for the success of the oil and gas industry. Our expertise in handling and transporting frac sand ensures that it is delivered safely and on time, helping their clients to meet their production targets and achieve their business goals.

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