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Top heavy hauling and rig moving support in Drayton Valley.

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At Hawkoil, we specialize in heavy hauling and offer a wide range of services that include piping, pumpjacks, modular buildings, equipment, surface rentals, light-duty hauling, and rig moving support.

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Everything from transport for your project needs, onsite mobilization, to complete set up.

Project Rentals

Equipment rentals including: tanks, mats, and auxiliary equipment

Rig moving support

3rd party winch tractor support for rig mobilization

Additional Services

Modular building transport

Modular building transport is a specialized service offered by Hawkoil Hauling Inc. that involves the transportation of prefabricated buildings, also known as modules, from one location to another.

Heavy Equipment transport

Heavy equipment transport refers to the transportation of large and heavy machinery, equipment, and vehicles from one location to another.


Hawkoil Hauling Inc. offers hotshot services that are ideal for customers who require expedited and time-sensitive transportation of their cargo.

Frac sand transport

Frac sand, also known as proppant, is a type of high-purity quartz sand that is used in hydraulic fracturing to prop open underground fissures and allow for the extraction of oil and gas.

Pipe & Spool transport

Pipe and spool transport involves the transportation of long, cylindrical tubes (known as pipes) and shorter sections of piping (known as spools) between oil and gas drilling sites, refineries, and other locations where these components are used in the production and distribution of oil and gas.